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Three good reasons to have waterproof flooring WPC

You’d be surprised just how common everyday activities can cause moisture build-up in a home. Hot, steamy showers, dripping faucets, cooking, using the washing machine, and even breathing can create humidity. When your flooring is waterproof, especially with the new advanced WPC core, it can trap a lot of that.

That’s reason #1:
Don’t think you’re safe just because you don’t live in a storm-prone area or flood-zone.

Budget Floors has been in the flooring industry for 17 years, and we have three flooring crews that work all year round, exclusively for us. For you, that means, besides our extensive inventory of ceramic & porcelain, hardwood, glass tile, luxury vinyl, and waterproof WPC flooring, we can provide you with professional services that include both residential and commercial installation.

Our showroom is in Amarillo, TX and we service Amarillo, Dumas, Canyon, Dalhart, and Borger.

What is the WPC core?

WPC stands for Wood Plastic Composite. The flooring is really luxury vinyl, but instead of the traditional core, this one comes with the latest, most advanced product that offers flooring the highest protection of waterproof and moisture-resistant.

That core makes the flooring thicker and, besides being totally waterproof, the wood and plastic core keeps the floor from warping due to moisture and temperature fluctuations.

You will have the same style, colors, patterns, and designs as you would luxury vinyl. Like luxury vinyl it, too, is affordable
Waterproof flooring in Amarillo, TX from Budget Floors
Reason #2: Moisture

This can be as damaging to a home as water, and you’d be surprised at how many things can cause it.

●Leaky pipes are obvious, but they aren’t always. Plumbing systems don’t consist of pipes that always go in a straight line; there are joints and connectors, and if one of these leaks or gets backed up, your walls will get moist and clammy.

●Cracks in foundations, on outside walls, on the roof or chimney (especially the flashing, which is common), if not handled, results in mold, mildew and respiratory problems.

●Condensation. Moisture depends on the change in temperature between rooms, and the outside can affect the inside. Ever notice how your windows fog up when it’s rainy out, and you’re inside cooking? Ever notice how the bath seems even steamier when the air conditioner in the adjacent bedroom is on? If there’s poor air circulation you’ll see little droplets.

●Structural dampness. Sometimes called “Rising Damp,” this is when moisture rises up and seeps into the house’s pores. If you see mold, rotting windows, or if your walls flake and peel (which means there are pockets of moisture in them) call a professional right away.

Reason #3:
Ease of installation is one of the greatest benefits. It’s “floating,” which means it can go over most existing floors. It can either be glued, or the pieces can click and lock together like a puzzle.