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What’s the difference between porcelain & ceramic tile?

It may not seem like much of a distinction to you, but ceramic and porcelain tiles do behave differently in various installations, so it can be bigger than you think.

The big difference is that porcelain is always completely impervious to water. It’s also heavier; while both are made from clay, porcelain includes sand and maybe even some glass. It’s good for high-traffic areas like the kitchen, bath or foyer. It can also be used outside on decks or patios.

Ceramic can also be waterproof BUT only when it’s glazed, and that should be at least every year or two. That glazing also makes it super-strong, but it’s never recommended for outdoor use. Your flooring pro will advise you.

Budget Floors has been in the flooring industry for 17 years, and we have three flooring crews that work all year round, exclusively for us. For you, that means, besides our extensive inventory of ceramic & porcelain, hardwood, glass tile, luxury vinyl, and waterproof flooring WPC, we can provide you with professional services that include both residential and commercial installation. It also means you’ll get those professional services in a timely manner.

Our showroom is in Amarillo, TX and we service Amarillo, Dumas, Canyon, Dalhart, and Borger.

Porcelain is always milky white and somewhat translucent, but it has a lot of patterns and different shapes that you can mix and match. It’s by no means “plain.”

Ceramic, on the other hand, comes in a wide assortment of colors, so you can combine and coordinate those too to create your own unique design.

Precision Installation • Quality Finish

We carry a wide selection of tile flooring that is destined to make your home look the way you’ve been wanting. And to make the process of choosing the perfect tile for your home easier, our professionals would be more than happy to go over them with you.

Before you come in and look at our flooring options, we want you to consider a few key factors that will help you as you make a decision. These include:

  • What your budget is
  • Your household’s lifestyle
  • What types of designs you like
  • How much time you can devote to cleaning the new floor
Ceramic tile flooring in Dalhart, TX from Budget Floors

Benefits of tile include:

● Durability. Whether porcelain or ceramic, these tiles are almost indestructible and, if one does break, it’s still not a big deal because you just replace the broken one, not the entire floor--but make sure you purchase some extra so you have them on hand if needed.

● Heat transfer. If the room is cool, the tile will also be chilly and will transfer that to you body when you walk on the flooring in your bare feet. That’s what makes you feel cool, and it might also save on energy bills.

● Easy cleanability. Sweep or mop with water and a manufacturer-approved soap.

● Good for one's health. Pollutants, dust, and other undesirable particles have no place to hide, so they get swept away. Have some fun with ceramic tile. Create a stunning backsplash; coordinate it with flooring and countertops, and let it become the focal point. You can also wrap tile around open shelving, or create accent walls or fireplace surrounds.

Wood Plank Tile Flooring

We offer some of the best flooring services in Amarillo, TX, and here you can find that we specialize in Wood Plank Tile flooring.

The choices may seem endless when it comes to deciding materials, layout, colors, and patterns, but our flooring contractor has a lot of knowledge of what looks good and fits with your space. You definitely want a professional when it comes to wood floor installation or repair.

We’d love to hear from you! Contact us or visit our store to begin.