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Six reasons why hardwood flooring is a good choice

●The floors work well in any environment, from the most traditional to contemporary and even “California Beach.”

●It will last for decades, sometimes even up to 100 years.

●You’ll recoup at least 70 percent to 90 percent of your cost, as reflected in your property assessment. That means a home initially valued at $200,000 can be valued at $216,000 or more.

●If you’re selling, know that buyers will often pay 2.5 percent over ask for a home with wood floors. That comes from the real estate industry.

●Unless there is structural damage, from termites or warping, a refinishing, with or without sanding, maybe all that’s needed to bring them up to original luster. That means no replacement costs.

●You can change the color. If your style changes or you just get tired of the color, have the hardwood floors sanded and restained

Budget Floors has been in the flooring industry for 17 years, and we have three flooring crews that work all year round, exclusively for us. For you that means, besides our extensive inventory of ceramic & porcelain, hardwood, glass tile, luxury vinyl and waterproof WPC flooring, we can provide you with professional services that include both residential and commercial installation. Our showroom is in Amarillo, TX and we service Amarillo, Dumas, Canyon, Dalhart, and Borger.

Not all hardwood is the solid kind!

For a long time, people thought solid hardwood flooring was the only choice and, while it is rich, elegant, and warm, it can be damaged by excess water, with warping and cupping. It also expands and contracts in an effort to adjust to the weather. The acclimation process is fairly simple, but you don’t need to deal with it at all with engineered hardwood.

Today, the engineered version is taking over a large part of the wood flooring industry and it’s fast becoming a preferred choice among consumers.

Here’s why: It is real wood,and it’s also layered. At the top is a slab of wood that comes right out of the forest and underneath are the layers: wood, combined with some other materials. Each layer is positioned in a crosswise manner. That construction makes it stable and better able to handle water and moisture.

On top of the wood is a veneer that not only protects the flooring, but gives it that rich, glossy, elegant look. Depending on overall thickness, it can be refinished.

Please note that it’s still not entirely waterproof, so exercise some caution by wiping spills quickly and never submerging it.
Gorgeous hardwood flooring in Dumas, TX from Budget Floors

Wood flooring

Precision Installation • Quality Finish

Budget Floors Inc is the expert in hardwood flooring and provides a wide selection of wood flooring services. Maybe you want to change out the stained old carpet, or maybe you are tired of the laminate being easily marked up and scratched. Whatever the case may be, our experienced team is up to vinyl flooring, hardwood flooring, laminate flooring and more!

The choices may seem endless when it comes to deciding materials, layout, colors, and patterns, but our flooring contractor has a lot of knowledge of what looks good and fits with your space. You definitely want a professional when it comes to wood floor installation or repair.

Budget Floors Inc is known to give exceptional hardwood flooring services. We have the proper equipment to make sure your floors are pristine. We have the best pricing, beat any estimate, and have a handpicked expert staff. We follow research about new products, colors and floor finish trends. If you want new hardwood floors in your property or need repairs, we can help. Contact us to get the best commercial and residential hardwood and custom flooring services in Amarillo, Texas.-