One of the reasons hardwood floors need acclimation is to get them used to what may be, for them, a different climate before installation. After all, they can be harvested from a forest in another region or country. As most of us already know, wood can shrink and contract to adjust to weather; acclimation helps eliminate that.

You might want to select species harvested from the region you live in. The Southwest region might include species that grow in a hot desert or a cooler desert with a higher elevation. These include species such as White Oak, Velvet Ash, Joshua Tree, or American Elm. Specific to Texas, the choices might be Northern Red Oak, Southern Red Oak, or reclaimed. If this is something you'd want, speak in detail with your flooring expert at Budget Floors when shopping for hardwood flooring in Woodstock.

Domestic vs. Exotic

There are hundreds of domestic and exotic species from which to choose, but you will limit yourself if you're focused on only one location. Another way to look at it is by choosing domestic vs. exotic. Domestic species harvested in North America tend to be warmer and more traditional, while exotics, harvested from forests in Brazil, Indonesia, and Africa, are darker, dramatic, and ultra-hard. Tell your flooring expert if you have a preference for traditional or modern or light, medium or dark or if you have extra durability needs.  

Choosing a color

Lighter tones make a room look larger and give it a lighter, more airy feeling. Darker ones are sophisticated and elegant, while medium shades work well with any decor. When exploring color, you also need to determine if you want wider or more narrow planks or want a species with a lot of knots, grains, and swirls or something more "quiet."

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