This is one of those "where do we begin" answers to that question because hardwood floors offer many benefits, from high-end style to value-adding. We’ll break down all the benefits here but be sure to visit us when you are shopping for hardwood flooring in Woodstock.

These floors are cost-effective

When you examine the entire picture and not just the initial cost, you will see that they last for decades, sometimes up to 100 years. Hardwood never goes out of style and works with any decor, from traditional to contemporary to California cottage and more. If you decide you want a different color, just sand and apply a different color—no need to replace it.

They add value to a property

You will see this in two ways. First, you’ll recoup around 80-90% of the cost, as seen in your property values. A 200K home could become $215 or more. Second, we’re told by real estate sales associates around the country that people often pay 2.5% over asking for a house with wood floors.

Classic style

These floors add a rich, elegant, and warm atmosphere to any home. Undertones, the secondary colors, add the "wow" factor. For example, a mahogany floor may have orange or red tones, while a gray floor might have slate blue tones; coordinate the floors with walls, upholsteries, accessories, or even a view to accent and highlight them. Also, contrary to what some think, knots are not imperfections but rather details that add character. However, if you prefer a more subtle floor, tell your flooring expert so you are shown species aligned with your needs.

Wood floors are also easy to care for. Dust regularly, vacuum without beater bars, and avoid excess water. Add some everyday care routines, such as placing mats strategically in front of sinks and at entrances, using protective furniture pads, avoid wearing stilettos on the floor, and keeping pet nails trimmed.

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