Water-resistant flooring tolerates moisture and can be installed in most areas of the home. Water and spills tend to pool on the surface, where they are easy to remove. Immediate clean up is best. The flooring may undergo structural change and thus become damaged if clean up is delayed. In contrast, waterproof flooring tolerates water for long periods. Budget Floors offers water-resistant and waterproof flooring in Amarillo, Texas.


Because of its plywood base, engineered hardwood can be exposed to water. A below-grade installation is appropriate as long as a moisture barrier is applied. Raw hardwood, which is finished in the home, is well sealed and suitable for kitchens.


High quality, pet-friendly brands of carpet are tough and durable. These brands offer stain and abrasion resistance as well as spill and soil protection. Water does not soak into the fibers, so the subfloor remains dry.


If the laminate is labeled 'waterproof,' the manufacturer's specifications will indicate how long the flooring can repel water. Typically, this period is about one day. If water is not cleaned up in the given timeframe, the flooring may become damaged.

Ceramic and natural stone

Porcelain, a type of ceramic, is inherently waterproof, while ceramic repels water only when it is glazed. Both clay-based materials are appropriate for bathrooms and kitchens. Most natural stones are porous. Thus, waterproof stone floors must be sealed periodically.


Luxury vinyl is a superior waterproof flooring. It can easily be installed anywhere in the home. Even if the flooring is soaked in water for an extended time, it does not sustain damage. Standard sheet vinyl also repels water.

Budget Floors has three flooring crews that install water-resistant and waterproof floors in Amarillo, Dumas, Canyon, Dalhart, Borger, and nearby Texas communities. You can begin your flooring upgrade by viewing our online catalog, scheduling an appointment for a visit from our mobile showroom, or stopping by our showroom in Amarillo.