There is nothing like the look and appeal of a brand-new hardwood floor; they become a talking point for the whole home. But what ought to be done to keep them looking that way? With a little time and investment, you can keep this flooring looking beautiful for years to come.

A routine

A routine is key to maintaining just about anything, including your hardwood. If things spill, make a point of cleaning them up right away. If crumbs get on the floor, make sure they get swept up right away. And plan on making sweeping a habit so that dust does not build up in the grooves or corners. That will make the floor look dingy rather than fresh and clean.

When you mop periodically, ensure you do so with a cleaner approved by the manufacturer of the flooring. Sadly, some cleaners will build up a film on your hardwood that dulls the appearance. In our Amarillo showroom, we carry a variety of options that are perfectly suited to your flooring.

Sand and refinish?

If at whatever time your hardwood floors become scuffed enough that cleaning solutions do not bring them back to their full glory, then you may wish to consider having us refinish them. A thin layer of the wood can be sanded off, and then the whole floor can be restrained and coated with a fresh polyurethane finish. This will give you many more years of life in your flooring as this process is essentially like hitting a re-set button.

At Budget Floors, we understand the value of keeping your hardwood flooring shining as if it were the day you initially had it installed and want to help you do just that. We serve the areas of Amarillo, Dumas, Canyon, Dalhart, and Borger, Texas, and we would love to serve you as well. Give us a call or stop by; we are your specialists for the care of hardwood flooring in Amarillo.